Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big City = deathtrap

So, I got my BOV (cherokee, former conservation officer vehicle with none of the trimmings, but all of the nice upgraded hardware) and was driving it back home from KC. Now I typically avoid big city's like the plague because to me, that is exactly what they are. I know that in my line of work, I could make at least double what I make now if I were to live in a large city, but it is a trade-off that I am willing to make. Well, last Friday, it because very apparent that so far, I have made the correct decision. I was caught driving in KC (actually, I was just in the outskirts still) around 5:00 pm and it was a complete madhouse. Now probably it was just normal traffic, but regardless, it was barely manageable chaos with traffic coming in from all directions, people moving and merging and swerving and weaving around. In some areas, it took several minutes to just get a mile. As I was driving my newly acquired Bug Out Vehicle, I began wondering what it would actually be like if I was currently using it for its intended purpose. I could just picture the scene if FEMA came on and said that there was a bio agent just released in several US cities and KC was on the list. Well, I can tell you one thing, KC would be one of the last places that I would like to try to bug out from. I can also tell you something else; unless you got the news well in advance of everyone else, you would certainly either be bugging in, just another stranded motorist or worse, a statistic.

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